Tornadoes FC

Indoor Soccer & Sports Owasso, ISSO™ is proud to have been chosen by the PASL to host the 2018 National Championship games.

Congratulations to our team Tornadoes FC, PASL National Champions 2017/2018.

What a road it’s been! We encountered many adverse situations along the way but it all came together in the end.
To our team the Tornadoes FC I would like to say: I love all you guys I appreciate the experience and happiness you all have brought to each other, to the game, to our fans, to our families, to our facility and to our sponsors, RC Sports, ISSO, Outlaw Gloves.

A heartfelt thanks to all ISSO’s staff, volunteers, friends & family who helped make this year’s PASL National Championships Event a huge success. We are so very blessed and thankful.

Thanks to Kevin Miiliken and the PASL for awarding ISSO™ this great opportunity.

Lastly thank you to all the teams that qualified for the Nationals and made this year championship contest a memorable one.

Wichita Selection
Demize FC
Austin FC
Houston Fury FC
FC Indiana
Boulder FK
Bellingham United FC

Carmelo Scalone

Sponsor, Indoor Soccer & Sports Owasso

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