Health Benefits of Soccer for Women

Posted by on Jan 14, 2016

Health Benefits of Soccer for Women

Health Benefits of Soccer for Women

We know the benefits from playing soccer are many!But it’s reassuring to hear it from the experts.

Read what ‘Health Fitness Revolution’ has to say about it:

“As one of the most popular sports among girls in the United States, women’s soccer continues to grow in participation at the youth level.

Not only does it offer tremendous health benefits, but it also teaches positive life lessons by instilling a sense of teamwork and collaboration.

The skills and fitness that result from playing soccer are a great benefit for girls and women at any age.

And now that it is gaining ground at the professional level in America, it is inspiring many women to pick up a ball and hit the field for a good workout.”

    1. Increased Cardiovascular Health
    2. Increased Muscle Mass
    3. Increased Bone Density
    4. Lower Body Fat
    5. Improved Coordination
    6. Increased Cognitive Brain Function
    7. Increased Social Interaction and Support
    8. Increase in Overall Health Benefits even if Training Starts in Adulthood
    9. Increased Confidence
    10. Reduced Stress Levels

From: Health Fitness Revolution

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