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Meet our Crazy Cleats Coaches

Nathan Garcia and Casey Abernethy, caring, passionate and dedicated about sharing soccer with the future soccer stars of Owasso.

Hi, my name is Nathan Garcia.

crazy cleats coachesI’m 22 years old and I love the beautiful game of soccer. I am a senior college soccer player at Rogers State University.

I love being involved in changing the health and fitness of our community and what better way to do that than with our youth in the community through soccer.


nathan-headshotThe crazy cleats program is just an absolute wonderful way to get kids to enjoy the game of soccer. Teaching them the fundamentals, basics, and enjoy the game of soccer as it is meant to be at that age.

We make Crazy Cleats a fun and enjoyable time with games, and drills that keep the kids learning every single day. Creating smiles and friendships that the kids absolutely enjoy.


nathanThe reason I decided to coach Crazy Cleats is for the kids. I love being able to share my experiences of the game of soccer with the youth in the community.

Watching these kids grow, from beginners to tiny elite athletes is an exciting time for me, and I wouldn’t trade anything I do with these kids for anything.

I hope to continue to teach these kids skills, and fundamentals that they will carry with them for the rest of their soccer careers.

Hi, my name is Casey Abernethy.

casey-profileI’m a senior at OHS and am going to continue my career at NSU!

I’ve been playing soccer for 14 years and having the opportunity to share the sport I cherish with the future soccer stars of Owasso is a blessing!


casey-headshotCrazy Cleats is an amazing opportunity for kiddos to get to come out, play some games, and learn a thing or two about the game of soccer. We try to teach the children in the most fun, positive way possible.

The coaches at Crazy Cleats make it our first priority that each child gets the training and attention that he or she deserves and needs to excel in the future.


casey-ccI coach Crazy Cleats because I have a passion for soccer and a heart for younger kids.

I personally think Crazy Cleats is one of the best programs out there for children wanting to try out soccer.

Thank you for visiting and meeting our Crazy Cleats Coaches!

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